Coppages in Hungary: August - May 2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Last Thursday, Karen went with our friend Judit
to a village to meet with some Roma families,
tutor kids, and hang out on the playground.

Last weekend was our church retreat. The main speaker
was Kurt Kula (left), whose messages were on the life of Noah.
They were translated into Hungarian by our pastor Tamás (right).
Here I think they're describing the size of the ark.

Kurt's wife Kendall (left) did one session with the
ladies. Our good buddy Orsi (right) translated.

The youth band led music the entire weekend.
Karen played flute, sang, and played guitar,
depending on the song.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A powerful windstorm on July 29 bent the backstop poles.
Doug and four others repaired it on the first Saturday
we were back in the country—as the team leading
the Softball-English camp were arriving in Budapest.

The next afternoon, the team took lots of pictures of Vác,
and then prayerwalked the baseball field.

Two of the leaders were Bob (pictured) and Brenda Dodge;
Bob is the pastor of Britt United Methodist Church in
Britt, Iowa, and Brenda is the youth group leader.
The camp was run by Abby (pictured) and Bence Jófödi,
new friends and colleagues (I love that word!) here in Hungary.

Here are some pictures from the camp, including the End-of-Camp
Celebration on Friday, August 10. We met LOTS of new people,
ate hot dogs and s'mores, and watched the kids play a couple
innings of softball.

On Tuesday evening, we packed 27 people into our apartment
long enough to get their food, and then they went downstairs
to eat it. Karen and Lili gave them a short concert after supper.

Anna, Kellie, Jamie, and me, after supper at Shannon and Jarrod's.

The team in front of the large market in Budapest.
This group liked to shop!

Bence, Abby, and Zsófi on Fisherman's Bastion,
overlooking Parliament and the Danube.

There's a memorial near Parliament honoring Jewish people
that were shot into the Danube during World War II.
It was powerful. Just before we left, I had a conversation
with an elderly British gentleman about the seriousness
of the memorial.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Going backwards, starting Sunday: In honor of Pentecost,
our Richmond church asked everyone to wear red.
So we wore red to our Váci church.

On Saturday, Doug and I went to a church cookout
at the home of friends...

....while Karen and her musical buds practiced for
leading worship in a few weeks. After practice
Karen, Lili, Norbi, and Arnold had fun
with the cherry tree and the camera
in front of the church building.

Last Sunday through Tuesday was my first class trip
with my very first class from four years ago.
We went to Pécs, Hungary—a beautiful town!

This is what it looks like inside the round church,
shown in the previous picture, which used to be a mosque:

On Sunday we were joined by a former student, Timi,
who is now at the University there. Csilla, my
dear friend and colleague, is on the right.

The Csontváry Museum

The largest cathedral, outside...

...and inside:

Looking down the hill from the church entrance:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On May 5, Lizi and Dávid's wedding took place
at the Baptist camp across the Danube from Vác.
A bunch of us, including the bride and groom,
rode the ferry across the river together.

Shannon and Klaire

Eliza and Jarrod

Just before reaching the other side,
Lizi and David get in their (borrowed?) antique car.

Karen and Lydia prepare for the bride.

The church part of the ceremony

The happiest married couple! :-)

Karen, Joelle, and Noémi

With the Father of the Groom, the youth
hang out in the antique car.

Lydia, Karen, and Noémi in back,
Levi and Norbi in front



Budapest Wolves Game
Final score: Wolves 54, Sarajevo Patriots 7!

Our friend Lee Hlavka (in white shirt) is the head coach.

Fiddler on the Roof at the Christian school in Diosd
Our friend Alex (second guy from the right in both pictures) played Lazar Wolf.