Coppages in Hungary: August - May 2011

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We watched the third Narnia movie for the
third Youth Group Movie Night. Here everyone is
moving furniture after the movie, before the discussion:

Andris on Jarrod's guitar:

Lili on Jarrod's guitar:

A day in Budapest!
Here's the outside of the most beautiful McDonald's:

Eiffel tér, next to Nyugati (Western) train station.
The Eiffel Company (of Tower fame) built Nyugati,
some of which you can see on the right.

Will and Joanna at their rich district's sports complex:

Doug was wishing that our baseball field was as flat
and our grass was as green as this Astroturf:

Activities on the sofa:
Karen on Will's guitar

Back in Vác, destruction has started
on the streets around our apartment house.

How poultry is delivered to meat stores here:

Dr Pepper has finally come to our grocery store!
And Doug doesn't like it any more! Which is fine,
because the price is $1.58 for a third of a liter
(a little less than 12 ounces). Too much.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last week Lea took a quick train trip
to see her friends Kata and Ildi.
Isn't Ildi's shirt great?

Our church retreat went very well.
Being with more than sixty churchmates
was edifying and joyful!

At arrival time, Eliza ran toward Doug.

Here by the kitchen, the older ladies
used to sit and peel potatoes.
Now that it's no longer a dirt floor,
I expect they peel potatoes elsewhere.

Many kids in Hungary consider chess a sport.
Karen took this cool picture.

Same game from the side, with more onlookers.

There was a lot of time for leisure and
sports, including volleyball...

... and badminton, with real feathers in the birdie!
I've only seen plastic ones. The Hungarian
translation of this item is "feathered ball."

Saturday our friends cooked Goulash Soup over the fire.
It was spicy enough to make my ears burn!

Saturday evening we sang and talked around the campfire.

Karen reports that she and Anna
had several good conversations.

On another subject, Doug's long-time student Balázs
tore down an old house on his property in order to
build another one. On the neighbor's wall
they found a mosaic of a woman with a water jar.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Here are a couple of pictures from the field, on August 6.
The baselines (this is between third base and home)
have the most beautiful grass! Unfortunately,
we also need it in the rest of the field.

Last week's "ferny things" turned out to be ragweed! Ugh!
Doug and I spent a couple of hours pulling the evil stuff
from the future spectators' section. These plants hadn't
bloomed yet, but somewhere it's blooming; I'm starting to
feel it in my eyes, nose, and the back of my throat.

On August 8, we saw the most vivid rainbow ever!

Later that day, we got together with our
American friends to celebrate five birthdays:
Grace, David, Jarrod, Joelle, and Eliza.

While we were together, we took family pictures.

Eliza decided to join us for ours!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The day after we arrived, we got together with our dear friends here:

Our hosts David and Grace, with baby Klaire:

Jarrod, Eliza, Shannon, Grace, and half of David:

Caleb and Joelle:

The Field of Dreams/Miracles, after the rains came:

The whole field, in the best approximation
of a panorama that I can manage:

The thin blades of grass are what they planted.
The broad blades and fern-y things grew alongside.

This is the future spectators' seating section:

Our first weekend back was the annual festival in Vác,
where they had lots of vendors ...

... a tractor show ...

... and bands, one of which played
country music and even bluegrass!
Hearing "Wabash Cannonball" in a
Hungarian accent was an interesting experience.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The reason I stayed in Hungary longer than
Doug and Karen was to help my friend Shannon
take care of her first two girls
while her third daughter was being born.
Here's what our floor looked like after Joelle
and Eliza came to visit for a while:

Shannon and Klaire (at one day old)

A few days later, Klaire had her first outing.
Here I'm teaching Joelle that clapping thing
that my sister and I can do so fast:

The next day, my friend Éva invited me to attend
the dress rehearsal for the final exam of
the Hungarian State Dance Arts College.
This took place in the Hungarian State Opera House.
It was an amazing evening!

It was still a bit light outside
when we left at 9:00 that evening.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You can tell that June has been wild, because
(a) I haven't had time to put up pictures until now; and
(b) there are thirty pictures from seven events this month!

Event #1: June 2
The Northern Hungary contingent of CEO comes to Vác

Matt and Johannah supervise Will on the zipline

Joanna and Tom

The whole crew: Lea, Will, Joanna, Karen,
Doug, Kirsten, Tom, Johannah, and Matt

Event #2: June 8
The 2011 CEO Hungary Team
helps break a record

The Vác Water Company sponsored a successful
attempt to break the Guinness World Record
for the number of people drinking water
at the same time. Despite the rainy weather,
more than 2000 people showed up.

Here Mariko chats with a couple of
the kids from the Deaf school

Doug brings me water across the plaza.

Everybody drinks!

Karen tutors a friend in Chemistry.

Andris and Caleb

Later that night, the team played cards
with Palko and Tamás.

Event #3: June 9
The 2011 CEO Hungary Team
plays Wiffleball with my students

Mariko coaches the batting line-up.

We had a few more than nine fielders.

My whole class, the CEO team, and me

Event #4: June 10
The 2011 CEO Hungary Team heads to Budapest

(We have to have a traditional goodbye picture at the train station.)

Event #5: June 11-21
Doug's mom visits us in Vác

Doug and Karen fixed a great fish dinner!

Eliza didn't like the fact that her
second-favorite guy was resting.

Joelle, Nancy, and Karen play cards

Nancy watches Shannon and Eliza

Nancy at the best restaurant in town

...and at our favorite coffeeshop,
before we heard the sad news
that it will to close next week. :-(

Karen, Cili, and Petra

Event #6: June 18
Boat trip to Esztergom

Card sharks

Cili, Karen, and Petra on the tourist train

They say that the Basilica at Esztergom is the
third largest in Europe, after Saint Peter's
in Rome and Saint Paul's in London.
Karen took the two inside photos.

Doug in his Happy Place: in a boat on the water

Event #7: June 19
Youth Girls in Budapest

Karen, Moni, Felicia, and Lili
went to Budapest Sunday night.
They visited people at a Jewish old folks' home;
prayed at one of the dodgy places in the city;
and generally had a good time.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Building a field:
(Someday we'll figure out the panorama feature.)
May 26, 2011

May 28, 2011

May 30, 2011

May 31, 2011

Satisfied Doug:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Event #1: Les Mis
The International Christian School of Budapest
presented Les Misérables two weekends ago.
It was an excellent production!
In the cast picture below, our friend Robert Brown
(a.k.a. Thénardier) is in the blue coat on the right.

Karen and Rebekah after the show.

Pascal immediately fell in love with Emily.

They brought a huge bunch of gloves
for the future baseball team.

John and Doug worked on the future
baseball field, replacing marking
stakes that someone had pulled up.

Event #3: Student Days at Boronkay
During the big break between classes, they
blasted loud music throughout the school
while classes of rising seniors campaigned
for their chosen one to win.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

There are 20 pictures for these two weeks!
Lots is happening here!

Niki Varhegyi came to visit us one evening,
and ended up spending the night!
I'm glad she was able to see Vác.
Beside Doug you can see Pascal looking irritated.
After surgery for bladder stones, he had to
wear the cone collar for 2-3 weeks.

Szabi, Steven, Doug, and others looked for a
good place to hold a Deaf youth camp during the summer.

Here they are with Karen on the main square of Vác:

Also on the main square were some kids from the Deaf school.

Eliza always has excellent taste in men!

Cili learned to love Quaker Oatmeal Squares
when she was in the States with us last summer.

Pascal takes a nap on Karen.

The catalpa trees were blooming last week.

Here's a close-up of the amazing colors!

Dad in front of the oldest church in town.

Dad and Mom on our "Field of Dreams."
Dad helped Doug mow several laps.

Mom, Dad, and I went to see the Palace at Gödöllõ.

Mother's Day was May 1 in Europe and May 8
in America. Also, Mom's birthday is at the
end of May. So we celebrated all of it by
taking her to the best restaurant in town!

Karen took this photo:

On Saturday I went to a wedding shower for Joanna Foley,
otherwise known as the "Future Mrs. Luper."
Her mom and sister skyped in from Charlottesville.

A blindfolded Joanna had to put on everything
that was contained in a "honeymoon" suitcase...

...and we got to dress Toilet Paper Brides.

Yay for Joanna and Will!