Coppages in Hungary: August - May 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Karen took over 700 pictures when she was in Australia.
Here are approximately 1% of them.

Sydney Harbour and the Opera House

This is the only picture Karen got of her grandmother.
The other couple, Eric and Pauline Khu, have been friends
of Nancy's since the 1960's.

Karen on a bridge in the Botanical Gardens...

...with her Uncle Dave...

...and with Harry Potter friends.

The Three Sisters in Katoomba -- one of Doug's
favorite places when we went to Australia in 1997.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Here are a very few pictures from our time in the U.S.
Karen's Australia pics will come some other week.

We had a memorial gathering for Doug's grandma,
Eleanor Fletcher, who passed away this year.
On the tree are one of her many paintings,
pictures from her youth and her work,
and a riding jacket she made many years ago.

The boy cousins: left to right, Matt, Rob, Dave, Doug, and Scott.
Missing is the girl cousin, Susan, who is in Alaska.

Girl cousins in the next generation, born 1991, 1995, 1999, 2003.

We celebrated Lea's parents' 50th Anniversary on July 11.

Hopkins family photo from that day.
Top row: Donna & Brian, Karen, Doug & Lea
Bottom row: Mom, Lauren, Noah, Dad

"Uptown" in Mom and Dad's hometown of Stuart, Virginia

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We've got LOTS of pictures today, starting with
fun times with the CEO team and colleagues!
First, playing Dutch Blitz...

Jasmine and Mariko

Caleb, Karen, and Maddie

...then hanging out in Vác.

Mariko, Lauren, and Maddie

Lea and Joanna

On Saturday, Karen and I went to graduation at her school.
The flowers are for Kato, a good friend of hers/ours.

In Hungary, the graduation ceremony is called "ballagás,"
which means "trudging." The graduates slowly walk around
the school in a long line, one hand on the previous person's
shoulder, and the other holding flowers from family and friends.

Afterwards was the baseball game. The Vác Stars
played the number one team in the league, and lost—
earning second place. That's a big jump from last place,
which they got during their rookie year!

Coach Coppage, my personal favorite!

The daughter of a Vác player from the 1990's
liked wearing a batting helmet.

Stars in the Outfield

From Monday, June 8, 2009

Here are some pictures of the CEO team at the Deaf school:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We've had some visitors this week!
On Monday, our colleague Joanna brought Matt,
who will be taking Joanna's place teaching
in a high school in northwest Budapest.

Yesterday and today, we got to see Sarah.
She used to be a missionary English teacher in Vác,
and now she's on her way to Ukraine, where she and her
team will run a Vacation Bible School for gypsy kids.

The hole between our building
and the bookstore has gotten deeper.
Last week they were pouring the foundation.

In March it looked like this:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Two big events happened this past weekend:
a church cook-out (three pictures) and a long
baseball game (four pictures).

Doug taught Norbi how to throw. He was a quick learner,
but he said that he finds it much more natural to use
his feet to handle a ball.

Some of us took a hike up the mountain.
From there you could see the Danube Bend,
an area that is as beautiful as Virginia.

Tired but happy hikers

And at the baseball game...

Doug played third base...

and pitched the last two innings.

A coaches' conference took place on third base,
where Doug (the runner) was waiting during one of the
many time-outs requested by the other team.

They won!! Three extra innings, no extra players,
final score: Vác Stars 25, Budapest Emigrants 19!
Top row: Tibi, Karcsi, Csaba, Ádám, Fucu;
Bottom row: Caleb, Doug, Krisztián, Bandi, and David

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The "graduation" ceremony, which translates as "the trudging",
begins when the seniors walk through the school in a long line,
very slowly; and ends with a ceremony in the courtyard.

The line approaches the turning point.
The school is on your left;
the ever-important baseball field is on your right!

Bella and Emese ("EM-eh-sheh")



One of my two guys named Dani

My other Dani as he rises to accept an award.

Tonight three from this class—Ervin, Bella, and Emese—
came over to sing (which they forgot to do), talk, and
eat chocolate chip cookies. I hope I can continue
relationships with these kids into the future!