Coppages in Hungary: August-May 2007

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Helm Family

Since we returned from the States, we've had lots of precious visitors!
At the end of July, the Helm family stayed with us.
Here they are in Buda, with Pest in the background.

Wilson and Chris Lowry

Last week, Bostonians Wilson and Chris Lowry...

Ben and Joe Lowry

... and their sons Ben and Joe Lowry came to Vác
for a gentle, pleasant, chilled-out visit.


This past weekend, our buddy Arden came up from Szeged.
Here she is on the walk next to the Danube.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Karen and Megan

Karen and her new friend Megan in the pool,
where they spent much of their free time.

Nine Candidates for Baptism

Nine people were baptized in the pool on Friday afternoon.
Rebeka, on the left, was baptized with her father.
The three guys on the left next to Rebeka
(Peti/Pete, Karcsi/Charlie, and Tamás/Thomas)
are from our church in Vác.


Here is Tamás coming up out of the water.

For more fun scenes at the pool, see Karen's blog.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Ildi's party this past Saturday

The weather was fantastic this past Saturday at the cookout
that our friend Ildi hosted for two other families.
Standing, left to right: Ildi, Lea, Karen, Flora, Sara
Seated, right to left: Zsuzsa, Tamas, Gergo

Virginia Cake

They surprised Lea with a birthday cake in the shape of VIRGINIA,
with Richmond, Charlottesville, and Stuart marked by candles.
Impressive, huh?

Kati's cake

Ildi's daughter Kati will celebrate her birthday this week.

June 27, 2007

Doug's brother Dave, his daughters and niece

Doug's brother Dave swarmed by Hannah, Haylee, and Karen

On Sunday evening, Karen and I and several others from Tabernacle Church
went to see an outdoor presentation of Shakespeare's The Tempest at Agecroft Hall.
Before the show, we had a picnic together with everyone, including....


...our dear Spenge...

Greg and Melanie

...and newlyweds Greg and Melanie.

June 13, 2007

C.E.O. Team with the Deaf kids

The Deaf kids loved the attention that the CEO Team gave them!
Back row: Laura, Melinda, Erika, Dori
Front row: Ginny, Maria

C.E.O. Team with the Deaf kids

Maria, Melanie, Melinda, Caroline, Gina

C.E.O. Team with the Deaf kids

Here Ginny gets her hair done by Gina.

The CEO Team at the Vác train station

The CEO Team at the Vác train station:
Esteemed Leader Tom Foley, Laura, Caroline, Ginny, Melanie, Tom, David, Doug & Karen

June 6, 2007

Vivian and Boci in Vac

Our friend and former co-worker Vivian and her dog Boci
biked up from Budapest to Vác to see us last week.

Vivian's Birthday Cake

The number of candles on Vivian's cake was the square root of her age.
(This was Karen's idea.)

Blowing out candles on the cake

Wednesday night our Bible study group got together for our final meeting.
Because most of our birthdays happen in the summer, we celebrated early.
The number written on the cake (25.4) was the average of our ages.
This was also Karen's idea. If you're wondering why the number was
so low, consider that Arwen the Hamster turns one year old this summer.

Summer Birthdays

Summer birthday babies: Orsi, Joanna, Lea, Hugh, and Arwen the Hamster

May 30, 2007

The crew that went "on holiday" with us this past weekend consisted of
twelve adults, one two-year-old boy, and nine girls aged twelve and under.
Karen was by far the oldest and the tallest.

Walking to an air show

We drove and then walked to an air show.
The dads liked it more than the kids did.

Lake Balaton

A classic shot of Lake Balaton

The whole group

The whole group

May 23, 2007

Lea's college roommate arranged for baseball hats to be made
and delivered to the Deaf kids. The hats were passed out last week.
The question is, does V stand for Vác or for Virginia???



Melinda, Erika, Gina, Doug

Melinda, Erika, Gina, Doug


Doug and Gina


Renáta got in the way of a pose


Monika, who today threw with Doug 13 times without missing the ball!


Szimi, who is working on her hula technique


Zoli, not long before the hula hoop hit his ankles

May 16, 2007

Deaf Church

Our Budapesti Deaf church.
Back row: Doug, Szabi, Zsolt, Lea
Front row: Dalma, Adici, Kinga

Zsolt and Dalma

Zsolt and Dalma

May 9, 2007

Yesterday Lea delivered some photos of the kids to the kids.
A couple of them thanked her, but most of them wondered why
they weren't given more. Those that got only one or two photos
were really ticked! After some explanation, they seemed to
understand that printing out every picture was too expensive.

Here are some of the 94 pictures that were taken at the Deaf school yesterday.

Monika, Gabi, and Dori

Monika, Gabi, and Dori

Niki and Anna

Niki and Anna.
Anna was in the Bible club that we participated in in 2003-2004.
She's 19 and mothers lots of the little kids. Yesterday she was
arguing with a teacher because one kid was on the playground
in her fancy shoes.

Lajos and Erika

Lajos (Louis) was also in the Bible club four years ago.
We just found out yesterday that he and Erika are siblings!

A bunch of kids

Here's a portrait of most of a class: In the back are
Alex, Lajos, Szilveszter, Marton; in the front are Melinda,
Zsuzsi, and Timea. Zsuzsi (Susan) was one of our favorites
from way back. If you heard us speak in the States since 2004,
you heard about this kid. She's still tiny and full of fire,
and we still hope she finds out just how much God loves her!

Bendeguz and Caleb

Bendeguz and Caleb.
Bendeguz is a LARGE kid for his age. His mom moved to Vác
so Bendeguz wouldn't have to board at the school. He's a smart kid,
although he—and the rest of the kids, for that matter—tend toward violence.
Caleb McBrier is a 15-year-old friend who lives a few blocks from us.
He's a pitcher on a Budapest Little League baseball team,
and he comes to help out at the Deaf school on Tuesdays.

May 2, 2007

On Saturday afternoon, the Budapest Wolves American Football team
( beat the Vienna Vikings, who had been
undefeated since 2003. It was quite a joyful victory!

Budapest Wolves American football team

Lee Hlavka, head coach of the Wolves (in white shirt below),
is a friend of ours. Please pray for him,
because he suffers from a degenerative nerve disease.

On the sidelines

After the game, Doug talked with Wolves player Noure Khoury.

Doug talks with a Wolves player

On Sunday afternoon, we watched our 15-year-old friend
Caleb McBrier pitch in a little league game.
Here he is rounding third.

Caleb playing baseball

Vác from the Danube

Here's what the center of Vác looks like from the other side of the Danube river.
We got this shot coming back home after Caleb's baseball game.