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Our family lived and served in Budapest from 2002 to 2004, and we have lived in Vác since October 2005. We teach English to partially support ourselves. Otherwise we work among both Deaf and hearing Hungarians in order to show the love of God, share the good news of Jesus Christ, and encourage churches to be led by God's Spirit instead of by human rules or traditions.

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Serving in Vác among the Deaf and the hearing

This Week's Prayer Requests:
Wednesday, January 4, 2017

  • Lea here. Every year, on the first day of school after New Year's, I give my younger kids a chance to ask me questions. Each team chooses a representative who tries to predict what I will say. Yesterday one class asked me, "Do you love us?" and all three representatives said, "Yes!" I'm grateful that they can see my love for them, which exists because Jesus first loved me. 
  • Thank you for praying for students for Doug. God has answered our need in an unexpected way: A Hungarian company recently asked Doug if he could do regular proofreading for them. He agreed. This is really good for our English-teaching company (and for future residency permits). Now, we ask you to pray that both of us manage our time well.
  • Doug and our colleague David will meet on Tuesday to make baseball plans for this year. Pray that they figure out good ways to recruit more kids. Pray for parents and adult helpers to pitch in. Also, pray for mutual encouragement and good conversations.

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Nothing of eternal value happens without prayer. We deeply appreciate your prayers for us (see current requests in the center column), and, as Paul does, we encourage you to pray continually... not only for us!


We encourage you to give generously to worthy causes that you care about... and not just money!


Whether down the hall, across the street, or to a far country, you can follow where God calls.